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Practical Uses

  • Candle Making

  • Pilot Lighting

  • Herbal Ceremonies

  • Cannabis Smoking

  • etc.

Pure Fire!

What is a Hemp Wick?

A hemp wick is a lighting tool made  of coated hemp twine used to light flammables. Popular methods of use are in candle making, lighting  medicinal herbs, or even a hard to reach incense cone, lantern or pilot light. Our trademarked product is coated in rice bran wax for a slower more consistent burn.


Candle Making

This product was designed to replace the common beeswax and paraffin wax wicks used in candle making and support the hemp and rice industry instead of the industrialized oil and animal industry by using the higher quality rice bran wax. With the highest melting point of 79ºC / 174ºF versus beeswax at 62ºC / 144ºF , paraffin wax at 37ºC / 99ºF and pure soy wax at 49ºC / 120ºF.  This makes the fire move slower which makes the Certified Vegan Hemp Wick™ the slowest burning hemp wick on Earth. 

Cannabis Ceremony

Second to candle making the most common application of using it by itself is in the lighting of medicinal herbs. Butane is a known chemical that creates smokers cough, and can make smoking a bitter experience. By using a hemp wick you keep the chemical out of your inhalation and once you've cleaned your pipe or bong clear of butane you will notice a difference  in taste by smoking without the dangerous chemical residue. Become a conscious connoisseur by using a Certified Vegan Hemp Wick™.

Another benefit to using a hemp wick is that it will conserve lighter fluid and slow the littering process which makes this product a must have for any survivalist or environmentalist.

Hemp is an extremely sustainable product, being able to produce four times the amount of paper goods as wood pulp within the same space . Support sustainable products like the Certified Vegan Hemp Wick™  and support the industrial hemp industry!


*Our organic hemp is sourced from Romainia. 


Humble Beginnings: 

"Since 2012, I've been making vegan hemp wicks for friends and family but after a few years and a lot of requests I  finally decided to open an online store selling them.

Starting on the Etsy™ platform was  great and spreading the vegan message of peace and compassion to the rest of the world is amazing. For all those following a similar path in life.... embrace yourself and make your life matter, for every product or service that is made from enslaving animals, create one that isn't. I give you: 

The Original Certified 

Vegan Hemp Wick™.  

-Keep Life Sacred." 

                                      ~Christian Piette (Inventor) 

Keep Life Sacred

Essentially all hemp wicks worldwide besides our own are the same product rebranded. We use organic rice bran wax which has the highest melting point of the plant based waxes creating a slow burn which has no allergens allowing it to be the safest option.

We do not believe in abusing animals which all hemp wick companies do with there dependance on beeswax; a cheap left over from the honeybee industry. Bee products are not vegan by definition.    

Honeybees produce wax and honey for themselves not for us. With new understandings and technology we have no need to abuse any animals for any reason. With alternative waxes and sweeteners, bee products are not a necessity  nor a sustainable "product" to manufacture.

Native bee populations like the above picture are being threatened in favor of the farmed honeybees. The current demand for honeybees cause companies to invest into genetically modifying their DNA to become pesticide resistant. The damages we are placing on one of earths most valuable pollinators is enormous and with all bee populations spiraling down, threatening many plant species and microclimates, now is the best time to switch to more sustainable methods, even if it goes against your tradition. Save biodiversity. Free the bees. Keep Life Sacred. Use a Certified Vegan Hemp Wick™. Certified by


(click the link below to read more      about why honey isn't vegan)

Why care about sustainability?

Sustainability is the mindset that we must take care of the environment and utilize resources in a way that creates longevity and abundance within the environment. Capitalistic mentalities tend to lower our innate environmental awareness. Focus on reality, it is your duty to take care of the planet that sustains you. Be responsible with what you buy and the impact of your actions. Remember to think about the animals and Keep Life Sacred.  

Keep Life Sacred

Certified Vegan Hemp Wick

Certified Vegan

"The slowest burning hemp wick on Earth" 

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Certified by

As the first certified vegan hemp wick company we are proud to present a product that has a truly pure purpose. We are certified through, a reputable organization that verifies vegan products. We are motivated by the chance to spread awareness to environmentalism and the danger of speciesism. Sentient life is not a commodity. By purchasing your hemp wick from this company you are allowing us to spread a sustainable message and help end animal cruelty including honeybee enslavement. 


Our Company: 

We pride ourselves as being the original certified vegan hemp wick on the market, and the first hemp wick company to actively stand against animal enslavement. Click on any of the bold italic text on this page to learn more about the concepts presented.

Mission Statement:

"We exist to provide superior vegan hemp wicks to the masses while spreading a message of peace towards life" 


Why Use Rice Bran Wax?

For thousands of years rice bran wax has played a vital role in Asia, from making candles to making torches it is known as being safe. Allergies are not as common as beeswax, soy and coconut. It is firmer and dryer and doesn't stick to flint and dust making it a much hardier, cleaner product.  It is going through a resurgence as more western people are seeing the benefits of rice as a macrobiotic multifaceted crop. The greatest benefit is that it has a higher melting point making it slower burning than beeswax which all other hemp wicks are made from. With sustainability in our mind we simply created the greatest hemp wick in the world! Visit our store and order a 30ft roll today and verify it for yourself!

VHW Sticker.jpg

Our Vegan Hemp Wick is the slowest burning hemp wick on Earth!

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